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 Hawkwind Hawkwindрок-группа

The Joker At The Gate

People function, dreaming their dreams.

People function, scheming their schemes

People function, trusting to fate

Looking for the Joker, but it's too late

Is there still a moment somewhere

That will surprise us with its tricks?

I am the holder of seven dreams

Faceless possessor of all life's schemes

Through me you can laugh in the face of fate

I am the Joker at your gate


( - ? - )

Lives of great men all remind us

we may make our lives sublime

And so departing leave behing us

Footprints in the sands of time

And with the writing I will show you

Looking in the days beyond recall

As I lecture with the spirits on the

other side

I'm living in the future

I'm looking in the future

I'm living in the future

Not a sound was heard

No call came from the bird

Only the carpet of green

From towering tres was seen

Where have they all gone?

Why was there no song?

I'm living in the future

Looking at the past


The Joker At The Gate / Hawkwind

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