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Me Vs. The World

Hey boys, hey girls

Hey anybody that will listen to me

Incase you haven't noticed

It's me aganist the world today

I fell out of the wrong side of the bed today

And landed in the (?)

My stupid alarm clock screaming at me

>From across the room


I'm trying to be nice

I'm trying to be reasonable

But it's oh so hard when I don't wanna be

If you're looking for that nice girl

>From the day before

Don't bother, she don't live here anymore


Cause it's me against the world

(a world that's stupid)

Yeah, it's me against the world

(Just stay out of my way)

And incase you haven't noticed

And incase you haven't heard

It's just me against the world

And the world is winning

You should have let me stay in bed

I've got this pounding in my head

Now nothing's ok

Would you stay out of my face today?

I'm slamming doors

I'm slamming phones

Can't walk out, boy

This temper tantrum

Stay out of my way

Cause if you don't, you will be scared away


I'm gonna be impossible

I'm gonna tell you I'm seeing Ben

I'm gonna be impossible

I'm gonna tell you I'm seeing Ben

I'm gonna make you read what I said

I'm gonna make you-


Halo Friendlies

Me Vs. The World / Halo Friendlies

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