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Dreaming Into Reality

Moment of silence - blackened my eyes

Come through your dreams - voices from beyond

Call your name - envoke your pain

Guardian angel sleep - tears in their eyes

Deep from the shadows - the shadows arrives

While the wall of glasses reaches the sky

See the death in your eyes

I feel how my strength is growing

I wait for the dawn to come

The earth of mankind is bleeding

For the last sentence of mortal life

Emptiness, fear and despair

Shadows move where light should be

Feel and see this dying world

Through demon eyes I cry - cry!

Through demon eyes I die - die!

By life betrayed to endless sleep

To live without a dream

Once stands straight with faith and pride

Now drenched in blood I lay

Dark dreams of the past, calling back to me

Shadows that embrace me, with wings of frozen fear

Hear the silent whispers, which makes my dream come true

Feel the darkest velvet, breath between the dreams

When the veil of death covers up your mind

Once again the path of dark painted in blood

Kill or be killed, live for the ancient ones

Guardian angel found their end

As blood rains from the sky

Demons on the ancient world

Sacrifice their soul

Across the waves the dragons fly

Bringing the evil sight

See the fearsome death

Reflecting in your eyes


Dreaming Into Reality / Graveworm

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