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Beauty Of Malice

Turned to the hours of deepest despair

Ancient mystic world surrounds my mind

Hear the sweetest symphonies, betrayed by own dreams

Temptation of the beauty, I have tasted her tears

I?ve tasted her tears

She filled my dreams, surrounds be her grace

The gift of their life runs slowly through my veins

By darkness seducted, her cold veil of death

Malicious beauty, obsession of my sins

Craving hands crawls in my neck

I reached the throne of death

I kiss and embrace the dreaming

Devils dance by her side

Embrace the flowers of fall

Drops of blood falls from my hand

I hear the song of the dying ones

Rapes my sin of life

I feel the end of life

Your look stained my soul

I see the dance of flames

Losing my existence

I see the darkness falling on my skin

The cold hand of the beauty might

The claws of death crushes my mind

I raise my hands toward the sky

The kiss of my life and the kiss of my death

Embraced by the stigma of her sweetest voice

Bewitched the sense of the faith to my god

Disarmed the fear of all pain have to come


Beauty Of Malice / Graveworm

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