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Every year along about this time it all goes dry

Nothing round for love or money that'll get you high.

Henry got pissed off and he run to Mexico

See if he could come back holdin' 29 keys of Gold.

Now the road to Acapulco is very hard indeed

And it isn't any better if you haven't any weed.

Henry struggled to hold it straight on twisty mountain roads

Fifty people waitin' back in hopes for Henry's load.


Now he's rolling down the mountain goin' fast, fast, fast

And if he blows it this one's going to be his last

Run to Acapulco to turn the Golden Key

Henry keeps the brakes on for this corner if you please.

Henry got to Mexico and he turned his truck around

Talkin' with the man who has it growin' from the ground

Henry tasted, he got wasted, couldn't even see

How he's going to drive like that it's not clear to me.


Sunday afternoon, Tihajuana is a lovely town

Bullfight brings the tourist in, their money flowing down

Border guards are much too busy there at 5 o'clock

Henry truckin' right on through, he hardly even stopped.


Grateful Dead

Henry / Grateful Dead

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