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The Fighter

From the Albums:

* Paradise in distress

* Last blast of the century

He was young when I first saw


(maybe) 19 or so

And I knew he would go places

He'd never dreamt he'd go

There was a certain something

Impossible to hide

Dynamite in both his hands

It swept ?‚?‘em all aside

So they nicknamed hem the killer

And he lived up to the name

The guys that tried to fight him

Never came out quite the same

And man, the crowd just loved him

In those up and coming days

Carried him on their shoulders

While they showered him with


Well, they loved him like a brother

Cause he gave ?‚?‘em all the thrills

Carin' shit about no sef-defense

Only going for the kill

He took a beating now and then

But stood there young and tough

Never thought of backin' up

When the going got too rough

He came down like a shockwave

The title easily won

He just tore in there man, punching

Taking two and landing one

But that avalanche of punches

Eventually took it's toll

Like a constant drip of water

Wears down the hardest stone

And we all saw it comin'

The inevitable fall

The night he lost his title

And the title wasn't all

He just started slippin'

Down skids slicker than grease

His drawing power faded

And the hero-worship ceased

But he couldn't stop the fighting

Custom-made for the trade

While he blew away the money

On friends succes had made

I saw him fight again last night

I wish I had been spared

The sight of that poor old wreck

For whom nobody no longer cared

His eyes had lost their sparkle

His legs hado lost their spring

And it really was pathetic

The way he stumbled through the ring-

Golden Earring

The Fighter / Golden Earring

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