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Глен Кэмпбелл Глен КэмпбеллАмериканский кантри певец и гитарист.

Bad Seed

Ain't been in Little Rock but two weeks and here I am now

Packing up and disappearing into thin air

Girls in Little Rock are cute but I can't make my heart take root

Cause bad seed won't grow just anywhere

I need lots of sunshine I need lots of raindrops and I need to breathe the open air

I hope to beg your pardon your town just ain't my garden

Bad seed won't grow just anywhere

So honey kiss goodbye to your bad seed

My love is not the kind that you need

I could stay here with you but I wouldn't play fair

Cause bad seed don't grow just anywhere

And you're looking at the baddest of the bad seed

Next stop is Jacksonville now I don't know but I've got the feelin'

And I might just kinda like it somewhere round there

Hear tell there's fertile land white pearly silver sand

And bad seed won't grow just anywhere

So honey kiss goodbye...

Hmm let me tell you honey I'm the bad seed

Глен Кэмпбелл

Bad Seed / Глен Кэмпбелл

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