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Дон Доккен Дон ДоккенАмериканский музыкант, основатель проекта Dokken

1000 Miles Away

(dokken, norum)

Just like sand running through my hands
We tried to hold love but it just slipped away
Was I so wrong to keep you holding on
Hoping someday tgat we wiykd fubd a way...to make love stay

There's nothing left to say
As I send these words a thousand miles away
Still holding on to the memories
Lost in your heart, blinded by love, you said
If we had known, we could have found a way
Is it too late to bring you back to me again.


Lost in our hearts
We'll be forever yearning
Tears in our eyes
Atart to fall, just like rain
Only for you

Chorus out

Дон Доккен

1000 Miles Away / Дон Доккен

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