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Дон Доккен Дон ДоккенАмериканский музыкант, основатель проекта Dokken

When Love Finds a Fool

(dokken, hughes)

I could've told you
All these tears, what good to they do
All these years my life's been living
It's a shame you've not been giving

So tell me what to do
And I'll be there for you, only for you


When love finds a fool like me, it doesn't see
When love finds a fool, baby, like me
I could've been the one

Sad empty faces look to my eyes
They seem to know me
I can take the rejection
All I need is your affection

I should've ssen it coming
You should've said 'goodbye'
I guess you were right


Дон Доккен

When Love Finds a Fool / Дон Доккен

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