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Babys Gotten Good At Goodbye

What a rotten day

This turned out to be

I still can't believe

She'd leave so easily

She just packed all her things

Threw them into a pile

Then she loaded her car

And said, "After awhile"

She'd done this before

But this time she didn't cry


That's why I'm sitting on the front steps

Staring down the road

Wondering if she'll come back

This time I don't know

And after she packed

When she looked back

There were no tears in her eyes

And that's got me worried

Thinking maybe my baby's

Gotten good at goodbye

All the times before

She'd break down and cry

She'd make her threats

But her heart wasn't set on goodbye

She just wanted me to hear

What she had to say

Now I'm lost for words

Since she went away

She may not return

For this time she didn't cry



Джордж Страйт

Babys Gotten Good At Goodbye / Джордж Страйт

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