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Thoughts No 2

Sometimes I feel

I live like a prisoner

But I don't know

If this really is pressure

Surprise you win

I'm lost as screamers roll in

Sometimes I feel

Like leaving this room I'm in

Faded film people dropping words

About the real things to say

? (Not "Someone pulls me deeper", as in CD booklet)

And tells me who I will be if I stay

A clever machine writes pretty words

For pretty boys

To sing to us all

We're all so grateful

My face you cry

And I show my darker side

The night is yours

And I just switch off and hide

Cafe and sin

The wine's not to my liking

My face you cry

Oh my didn't I say come in?

Frown (?) in my eyes showing nothing

But surprise about you

And what are you thinking

About my life and her drinking to you too

A dying non-human writes unkind words

For unkind friends

And as for the tears, they'll never show

Asylum people calling on my door

From day to day

The image must fall

I've had my time

Гэри Ньюмэн

Thoughts No 2 / Гэри Ньюмэн

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