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(David Byrne)

I don't have any philosophy

Why do I know what I know?

I see the world in a coffee cup

And when I drink it down there I go

We have our own kind of universe

Sometime but not always true

How come? Wait! Maybe I think it is

The view is very nice and it's big through and through

I got skills and I got secrets, I can part my hair

I feel an empty space where love could be

In adjoining universes

Touching here and there

I stick my head outside and I can see - that

Particles spin 'round a nucleus

Planets encircle the sun

Further out there is the Milky Way

The coolest part of all cracks me up, Ev'rytime

Life isn't really miraculous

It had to happen this way

We had to meet in this checkout line

Explain it as a simple twist of fate

But we can't - be - sure

Дэвид Бирн

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