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Walk On Water

He can walk - on the water

But he can't stop fallin' in

He's livin' underwater

But he don't know how to swim

He's got amplifiers, microphones

Record players, God only knows

All the girls say, "Shut up and gimme the groove"

He keeps those hits a coming through

His blood is pourin out for you

In the church, Mama's ashes

Can't fill those empty spaces

Spaced out in the middle of town

One house is big enough for two

We'll fill it up before we're through

Wake up - the house is shaking

Get up - the dead awaken

Let go - you know that you can

Get up - you sleepy babies

Hello - you naked ladies

Walk on - you know that you can

Get up - you men and women

Walk on - like fishes swimming

Let go - you know that you can

Walk on the water - everyone drowns

My mama told me - I'm lost and I'm found

Walk like an angel - take off your shoes

Special occasion - scary and true

You dancin' babies - doin alright

Your mouth is movin' - kiss me sometime

Richard and Lisa - we're goin' down

Jason and Shawna - dance with someone

Walk on the water

Walk on the water

Дэвид Бирн

Walk On Water / Дэвид Бирн

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