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The Sound Of Business

They were driving south on the highway

Their business was in another town

Bigger than the town they were driving from.

Business took place during office hours in both towns.

This drive was considered business

The feeling of passing other cars was also considered business

A feeling of business being done.

The feeling of drifting slowly through a field of moving vehicles.

This was the REAL speed - the speed of business.

Not the numbers on the speedometer.

One of them was playing with the radio

Slowly changing the channel from one station to another

Sometimes listening to both channels at once.

On one channel a man was talking to another man on the telephone.

The other channel was playing oldies :

'Gone for Good'

'Listening Wind'

'Puzzle Power'

'Beechwood Serenade'

'Sunshine and Sugar'

'Golden Windows'

'Taste of Believing'

'Carnival Girl'

'Love Walks Away'

'Wishing Well'

'Knew You Could'

'A Face Like That'

'Dark Highway'

'Shakin Venus'

'Coloured Wheels'

'Visit Me Quick'

'Lonesome Money'

'School of Heartache'

'Painted Smiles'

The sound of business being done.

Дэвид Бирн

The Sound Of Business / Дэвид Бирн

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