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Дэвид Бирн Дэвид БирнЛидер группы Talking Heads


I'm Lazy when I'm loving

I'm Lazy when I play

I'm lazy with my girlfriend, a thousand times a day

I'm lazy when I'm speakin

I'm lazy when I walk

I'm lazy when I'm dancin

I'm lazy when I talk

Open up my mouth

Air comes rushin out

Nothin doin nada never how you like me now?

Wouldn't it be mad, wouldn't it be fine

Lazy lucky lady dancin lovin all the time

Ohh , I'm wicked and I'm lazy

Ohh, Don't you want to save me?

I'm lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy

There's some folks they got money

Дэвид Бирн

Lazy / Дэвид Бирн

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