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(David Byrne)

Somewhere between the darkness and light

Faces all glow but its not too bright

Civilization, its all about knives and forks

Isn't she here? What time is it now?

Is this the right place? Do I fit with her crowd?

I'm gonna be a civilized man someday

Part of me wants to jump and shout

Part of me wants to tear it down

I thought you might prefer the cabernet

Civilization, its all about sex

Havin' a ball in a padded banquet

I'm gonna be that really cool guy someday

The waiter looks me over

Would you like cream or sugar?

I don't know - what was I supposed to say

She wonders if I'll notice

I should have brought some roses

Her plate is full, she hasn't eaten all day

Glasses collect we order some booze

She looks at me, I stare at her shoes

Mature situations, maybe a broken heart

Maybe I ought to pay the bill

Maybe she thinks I never will

A million things that cross a woman's mind

Just be yourself, well that's what they say

I barely know who I was yesterday

I'm gonna be that civilized guy someday

Good friends and conversations

The rise and fall of nations

A moments glory and they've had their day

And on my high school folder

I drew a big gorilla

Something familiar, something far, far away

Somewhere between the darkness and light

She touches my hand, she don't seem to mind

We can go home, we can be civilized

Дэвид Бирн

Civilization / Дэвид Бирн

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