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Colin Zeal

colin zeal know the value of mass appeal
he`s a pedestrian walker,
he`s a civil talker
he`s an affable man with a plausible plan
keeps his eyes on the new,
keeps his future in hand
and then he

looks at his watch
he`s on time yet again
he`s pleased whit himself,
so pleased whit himself,
he`s pleased with himself, ah ah

while sitting in traffic,
colin thinks in automatic
he`s an immaculate dresser,
he`s the common aggressor
he`s modern retard
with a love of bombast
keeps his eye on news
never dwells on the past
and then he


(through the megaphone)

he`s a modern retard,
he`s terminal lard,
he`s and affable man with a carrotene tan
because colin`s zeal is ill


Colin Zeal / Blur

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