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Фет Джо Фет ДжоАмериканский рэппер.

Ay Papi

Ay papi, tu sabe, yo tengo fiebre para ti


Got senoritas in Adidas over in Spain

The Don of San Juan got 'em goin insane

Got chicks in Spanish Harlem holdin they brain

In Sao Paolo they follow, doin the same

Admiration for Run since "Sucker M.C.'s"

Papi bilingual, sell a single with ease

Y'all think that I'm done, Run don't got no flow?

What is you loco? I'm grande gato pa-po

Run and Bo, D.M.C. and Fat Joe

Fo' cats on the same track got dough

Us cuatro, lock flow, you don't know?

From New York City to Puerto Rico (whoa)


Ay papi, tu sabe, yo tengo fiebre para ti

You got my fire burnin..

Ay papi, tu sabe, yo tengo fiebre para ti

You got my fire burnin..

[Fat Joe]

Uhh, uhh

What's goin on black? Goin platinum and beyond that

Layin down the format, sippin on that Cognac

Where the Don at?

I'm at Hollis with the kings payin homage to the things

they accomplished in they teens and I never stop throwin them flings

Control of the game, I'm right here over the rain

A human pot of gold, I already had a lot of flow

Ready to rock steady with Run and make a lot of dough


You might tell from the way I talk

that sucker MC's is who I stalk

Create in a rhyme that is in formation

Or why I made such a rap creation

That is bound, to be reknowned

within this city as a funky sound

And to those that try to put me down

My DJ has jams, by the pound (c'mon, let's go)


[Bo Skaggs Nitty]

Skaggs Nit'

Aiyyo I rolled up, in the spot that I rolled up

My ice glitter like hold up

All the chickens like, "Look at Bo, he done growed up


Фет Джо

Ay Papi / Фет Джо

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