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Its Nothing

Yeah. Uhh. Joe crack the don!

Ton' Sunshine. Terror, uhh

Terror squad, its our time!

Uhh, yea, hand it ova

Uh, yo, uh-huh, what, yea, uh... woo

[Verse 1]

Yea, mami jus like that bend down grab ya ankles, do it for crack

Damn should be illegal how that ass so fat

The way you shake yo shit make me wanna cop back

Is it ya motion causing all this commotion?

Forget niggaz you even got bitches approaching

Who am I? I'm just a kid from the Bronx

If you love hip-hop you might of heard my shit once

Or maybe twice or like thirteen thousand times

I'm sick of it myself I'm loving the shine

Who else could it be but the squad's O.G?

Be laid up Wit chicks that resemble ?

Half black, Japanese n something

Menages, orgies believe me its nothing

The girls want tha facts got to feed 'em the lies

Who else can have you swimming in wealth the blink of an eye?


Big trucks, gee rides, we fly, twenty-fo' wont you sit in them tires

Believe me its nothing

G-4 ? Just wont mix with my ride keep a strap on my side

Believe me its nothing

Fast women, bad bitches, down hoes, hood rich, pitch up in Daddy's hooood

Believe me its nothing

Big trucks mean rides we fly t-squad our time

Believe me is nothing

[Verse 2]

Drop from Harlem even, more for Brooklyn

Still got my Name covering the walls in central Brooklyn

Haters want me, they love to slut me

Mad because my fat ass stay - living comfy

Down in d-r on the landing strip

When record sales get low we back to advancing bricks

Jack-of-all-trades we do that too

The only rapper get the Suge Knight effect when he come through

When pun died, half of y'all cried

The other half wanna See my demise

It was inevitable t

Фет Джо

Its Nothing / Фет Джо

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