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Hes Not Real

Uh! Bringin It Back To The BX!

Wit my nigga Fat Joe, long side my nigga Prospect

Holdin the BX down

Bronx Burrough....Terror Sqaud

[Verse 1-Fat Joe]

Yo, everybody talkin gats, really don't pack em

98% of these rapper's is all actor's

Stay frontin, like you wild and'll spray somethin

Come to find out, you ain't never slanged nothin

Think it's the game, gon lose the sport

I seen dude's get bruised through fort

Then choose the court, a new's report

They just pursed the court

If you even think of bustin, they ass'll sooth your thoughts

A damn shame, I'm from the streets where it's fair game

Nigga's will ift you off your feet wit the Can-yan

Three in the chest and one in the part

For disrespect you, get left right in front of ya moms

Joe is the Don, you clean, then show me your arm's

For these track's, I'ma fiend like a soldier in 'Nam

Only the Bronx will blow your ass outta ya Lugz

Fuck love, here we believe in nothin but slugs


Фет Джо

Hes Not Real / Фет Джо

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