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U Feel Me

Fat Joe]

Dear mama, I'm writin' you this letter from the kitchen

Seems to hard, times your the only one who listens

After the action, tone's still listen

And you know how sometimes it gets lonely in prison

Not behind bars, but between my inner self

Can't trust these streets, fiends'll kill you for your wealth

It seems like the game done changed, niggas ain't loyal no more

Best friends act strange

Did the best I could, fed the hood

Went to school, showed the youth to perfect their books

When my niggas got locked, up to comissary stock

Visit every jail from Marcy to Comstock

Now niggas wanna plot like they movin' somethin'

Must wanna get shot, you ain't provin' nothin'

Uhn, must of forgot all the dudes I put in

If we only had a chance to review the footage

You would see I'm not a nice guy after all

And I fight much better when my back's to the wall

I clap at your door, put your backs on the floor

Wanna war with the Don? It' the wrath that you want!

[Chorus: Havoc]

Yo, if you feel me then feel me

If you gonna kill me then kill me

But I gotta let ya'll niggas know

That I roll with that steel

You can call me paranoid

But a nigga on point

And I'm thinkin' somethin' fishy

If you up in my grill

[Remi Martin]

You wanna know what my life's like, bitch?

Mine's is real, chicks talk about it

I been bustin' nines for real

Too many times I had to stand up on the line for meals

Too many nights I done seen niggas die for real

I'm striving still, everybody lies and steals

It's seems like it's gotten worse since I signed my deal

Ask anyone who knows me, I don't give a fuck

That's my motto

These motherfuckers is actin' like I just hit the lotto

And now everytime I see you, "Remi where that weed at?"

"Wasn't you just pregnant, bitch, where the fuckin' seed at?"

Can I hold? Let me borrow, come on, I don't need that

I can recall days when Remi didn't have a place to sleep at

Where was you back when I was sellin' cracks and

Barely fuckin' eatin', nigga, where was your ass then?

Now I'm in the cut with a blunt, nigga, laughin'

A Benz coup, a condo, and a check I'm steady cashin'

Told ya'll niggas that I spaz over reflex

Now you niggas can't pass through the PJs

Fuck ya'll bitches, I don't love ya'll bitches

Cause if it comes down to it, I'll slug ya'll bitches



Am I holdin' it down?

Afraid so, youngun

Not for nothin', niggas frontin'

When they claimin' you thuggin'

Raw cut him, dunn, he went against the grain

So fuck him, and it's real

He ended up with the doctors pluggin him

These streets raised me, and made me cold

When there's drama like a ducthy I come ready to roll

Had a passion for Henney, now I'm thuggin with Remi

And Joe, give these motherfuckers somethin' to +envy+

It's sad, fuckin' ?? keep the heat on the dash

It's simple, math, front get one in the ass

And you laughin', your whereabouts police be askin'

It baffles, cause you know these fingerprints ain't matchin'

Get at you, and dogg, it was about bound to happen

Sleep, fuck around, get your shit pushed +Deep+

Bang this, where the Bloods and Crips?

Cause you know I'm only reppin' for that gangsta shit, get up

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Фет Джо

U Feel Me / Фет Джо

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