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TS Piece

(feat. Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine)

[Fat Joe]

Yeah uhh.......

You know what this is.....

The fat gangsta!!!


[Tony Sunshine]

Maybe its the TS chain (I got em right)

Maybe its that Escalade (Come get em right)

Maybe its the way I do (Keep mamies like)

Joe i wanna fuck wit u (Keep sayin that)

I dont know what it is

All I know it that this chick

Is gon leave wit me

Gon creep wit me

Gon freak wit me

Gon leave wit me

[Verse 1]

[Fat Joe]

I know it seems every song, is about like the same old thing

But when you rich, aint nuthin to do but fuckin hang

Eat good, spend money, count chunks of change

Keep mah ladies lookin good, when they touch the Range.

Never fuck wit a bitch, if she cant be trained

Never leave wit a chick, if she dont give brain.

We could leave on trip, I got a private plane

I dont fly, but we could park it up and blaze.

Joe's the God

And I know you need somethin to praise

Just have a lil faith, and you could be saved.

Uhh, it's not mah fualt if they love the kid

It might be the chain or the whip

I dont know what it is.


[Verse 2]

[Remy Ma]

Umm, I dont mean no harm

But their ain't a chick sicka then Remy Ma

And all the hot boys wanna fuck wit Rem

And I dont turn em away

I'm like, I'm the bomb now.

Wheres your gurl, dont matter to me

I'm way out of her league

She cant keep up to mah speed.

Shes weak, she dont need to smoke weed

And wherever shes at

is where she should be.

Now, wheres your wife, I dont care

I'll be at the crib, when she ain't there.

Baby do mah nails, and

Фет Джо

TS Piece / Фет Джо

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