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Shit Is Real Pt. III

[Intro: Fat Joe]

Slow motion baby, unh

Tell you what I see through these eyes

All we do is speak the truth

Shit is realla then real

Shit is realla then real

My true niggas walk wit me, yeah

They ride wit me, cook pies wit me, ya heard?

[Fat Joe]

Lord I keep hollering, I hope you listening

How come I'm still stressed and even though the squad's glistening?

Why you had to take Pun, someone so young

Had so much more to live for, as real as they come

Dead man can't talk that's why your hearing one side of the story

But did they tell you how he provided for forty

family members, grandmas to shorties

Even my seeds ate off the big homie

How could you deceive your kids like that?

Make 'em believe they dad wasn't worth jack

Listen to the facts as The Don pours his heart on this track

How could I jus stand there and not react?

And I'm jus about sick of all you side line niggas

You know, do anything for the lime light niggas

I'm defending your honor, my brother from anotha momma

I never thought I'd see the day they tried to send you byna

[Chorus: Fat Joe]

Shit is realla then you think, man you must not know

It takes a lot to walk a day in the life of Fat Joe

The place I'm from, MTV don't wanna film

Jus a simple dice game will get a muthafucka killed

The ghetto ain't a place that you wanna take lightly

Same cat that'll spill you, will end up with your wifey

I've seen it all that's why I've picked up the pen

To keep your boy from serving life in the pen, ya heard?

[Fat Joe]

Fuck, the flu season, nowadays it's sue season

Can't even go to the clubs and show my people love

Cuz soon as shit pop off niggas

Фет Джо

Shit Is Real Pt. III / Фет Джо

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