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My Lifestyle (Remix)

(feat. Jadakiss, Remi Martin)



Double R baby, D Block

Joe Crack this is history

Who got the most cars, most guns, most bitches

And I don't gotta pull the trigga I just blow kisses

Niggaz love Jada that hate rap

Upstate tryin to get they weight back

Bout to go to k-sack

Cause I made niggaz believers

My voice my flow that helped your faggot ass get in the league

And I ain't gotta suck dick to sell records

get all outta caracter and scream and yell reckless

Listen to me; I'm the cat that'll sit in a tree

And shoot the dog in the head while he shittin and pee

And I'm just so cool; I prally could snatch Trini

from Usher in a club in Atlanta wit no jewels

You always was puss you never was hard

You know who it is Ruff Ryders and Terror-the-squad

And make sure you remember this

My lifestyle remix; 'Kiss, Joe Cracks and Remi-nisce


Y'all wanna live my lifestyle

Never seen a brick never seen a crack house

Wanna war with the Don have your macs out

Bring it on and I'ma show you gangsta


[Fat Joe]

Hoddie down wit the mac

Boggie down where it's at

Fuck around hear the sounds of these gats

Wanna clown? we react (come on) fuck dat

Don't you know what you do when you fool wit Joey Crack

I'm still the realest y'all just pretend that you

Claim to do shit that we don't remember

Always thinkin that you running the streets

Now I'ma leave you leakin under a sheet(what)

Fuckin with Joe Crack is costly

No gat can off me

They learned that when I sold lacks at 4th street

A few dudes crippleanother 2 vegi

Its more than obvious this terrorsquad c

Фет Джо

My Lifestyle (Remix) / Фет Джо

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