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Time Will Tell

A ring of ice - around you heart

You lost control - right to the dark

And in your dreams - the night comes down

The power that you wanted -

It turned your heart to stone

Hey look at you - so full of doubt

Those wasted years - you see them now

And deep inside - the prize is due

You're bound to pay it back now -

And no one else can do

For now - it's suddenly you find

The road you left behind you -

It's only in your mind

And now - you realize the truth

There's nothing left inside you -

And nothing left to loose

Time will tell - Only time will tell

A burning heart - that went astray

A searching mind - who lost the way

And looking back - you're torn apart

Your life it was so easy -

And now it seems so hard

For now - a lonely road you go

I still can hear your laughter -

Little did you know

Time will tell - Only time will tell

Time will tell - Only time will tell...

Only time will tell - Only time will -

Time will tell...

Fair Warning

Time Will Tell / Fair Warning

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