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Your Beauty Divine


I feel Your tenderness

Like fresh raindrops fulfilling my needs

Source of pleasure

You are the only One to satisfy my inmost yearning

The One who knows me

More than anyone, I'm transparent before Your eyes

The love You give me

You prove it constantly, I can't deny Your radiant love

Release Your love in me


Restore Your love in me

Faithful Father

Teach me how to avoid stumbling through live

Change me once again

Reveal Your presence, diminish my ego

Draw me closer

Let me taste Your Beauty Divine

Into Your fathom

Clease my eyes so I can see Your trusting love's perfection

Let my surroundings sense Your atmosphere

I'm weary of waiting for love to shine right through me

I wish to lay down my life and serve like You showed me

Forgive me Father, for being cynical in all ways


Your Beauty Divine / Extol

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