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Not Every Pain Hurts

When you have the will
You learn to forgive and to forget
You have to -
Collect the broken pieces and
Humble hearted
Stand up from the place you hide
If i wouldn_t know to miss anything
It couldn_t hurt me no more
Mistakes tought to build life
From the ashes, that fell down to ground

Without any pain it wouldn_t be the same
Experiences made me strong -
Not every pain hurts
Deep inside
When you learn to devide
Don_t fear the danger
Follow your heart to the light
Live your dream and breath

When you listen to yourself
Don_t always expect
To find understanding
It takes time
You may loose your faith
But don_t be afraid
To find the solution

That heavy wasn_t my load
That i wouldn_t also try
To carry yours
My burning heart - unbearable!


Not Every Pain Hurts / Lacrimosa

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