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Донна Саммер Донна СаммерАмериканская певица - королева диско

So Said The Man

Well I met a man

Of no small demeanor

Took me to task

Oh my life

Very strange

It's all the same

What a shame

So said the man

'Cause yours have a meaning deep

He had to ask

Answer my life

Of course it had

All ended very sad

Out and into you

Out and into you

Out and into you

Twisted the man

As he watched and waited

No thought would escape

Or catch in his eye

You'll quickly see all of me

Or none of me

Smiling the man

As I searched an answer

Relocked in new haste

Preferring to hide the whole of it

Oh none of it

Just some of it

Донна Саммер

So Said The Man / Донна Саммер

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