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Is This What Feeling Gets (Dorothys Theme)



Swear to God this is more than I can deal with

Thinkin' back on that old song

Where did I go wrong by caring and sharing

Mean together no matter

I can't stand not knowing

Is this what feeling gets

A hope for happy endings?

Alone and scared

Something I don't want to be

What did he see when he looked inside of me?

If this is just a dream

How come I feel like screaming?

This is the real world

Gotta do what you must, girl


Can I?

Can I?

Is this what feeling gets?

So is there a happy ending?

There's nothing here but the fear of

Will I try?

And can I stare it in the eye

Not ever knowing why?



Can someone tell me why?

Дайана Росс

Is This What Feeling Gets (Dorothys Theme) / Дайана Росс

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