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Дайана Кролл Дайана КроллПевица и пианистка одна из самых известных джазовых звезд мира

Im Coming Through

I looked down at a sparkling band

And only saw my Mother's hand

The things I've earned

They never came too cheap

But then the likeness only goes so deep

As clouds approach the facing shore

And although two pairs of shoes sit by the door

I can't pretend I don't descend

I know I should be joyful now

But time means nothing

Only the love you gave to me can save me

I think she knew

I raise my voice

And shake the walls

But if I chance to cry at all

I hope you hear me now

I'm coming through

I looked down at a twist of lace

And only saw my Father's face

The things we shared

Have hurt us both so much sometimes

We each go places love can't touch

Дайана Кролл

Im Coming Through / Дайана Кролл

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