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Джон Денвер Джон ДенверАмериканский кантри-певец

The Gold And Beyond

On a snow crystal morning

Some place close to heaven

On the side of a mountain

In a race for the sun

In a matter of moments

The dream of a lifetime is won

There's a fire in the heart

And it feels like the hunger

The spirit is burning

Consumed by the flame

To be one of the best

Of the best in the world

Is its name

To go faster and farther

Than anyone ever before

To be braver and stronger

And truer than ever before

To be all that you can be

And all that you've ever longer for

In the eyes of the mountain

All people are equal

In the eyes of all people

Our souls can be seen

In the course of our struggle

We'll know what humanity means

To be all that you can be

And all that you've ever longed for

We gather together

To face one another

We gather in silence

And sing for the sun

We gather in peace

To go for the gold and beyond

Джон Денвер

The Gold And Beyond / Джон Денвер

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