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Extreme Days (Toby)

We're livin' in extreme days

Comin' at ya like a whirlwind

A hundred miles an hour's where we'll begin

I spy the eye of apprehension

Show me risk and you'll get my attention

Come on, can ya take it

Bang to the bip I make ya wanna flip

Take my trip and you can bust your lip

I never fear 'cause I live fearless

Don't even think for a second you can get with this


Come on, I never fake it, come on

These are extreme, extreme days

We're livin' in extreme days

These are extreme, extreme days

We're livin' in extreme days

I'm a freak from the burbs of the chocolate city

Luther Jackson was my middle

Pine Ridge my elementary

School of hip-hop 1979

And Sugar Hill had the skills that taught me to rhyme

Got hip to Kiss and I tripped on Zeppelin

So Mr. therapist - why did I go this direction?

God had a plan to end all my schemes

I had a dream He said to be...Extreme!

Come on, can ya take it...



Just the other day I saw a kid

Who flipped his hat to the back and he called it a lid

You know what else he did?

He stacked books from the floor to the ceiling

Said somethin' about tryin' to get to heaven

He was only eleven

So he climbed to the top with outstretched arms

And he screamed at the top of his lungs

(these are extreme...)

Move out the way

give me the mic

X to me is extremely Christ

Livin' up in me

Like it or not

Put an X on my chest

Cuz X marks the spot



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Extreme Days (Toby) / DC talk

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