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The King (Allelujah)

John the Baptist prophesied a Messiah will rise

He'll be tried, crucified, ascend in the skies

Years later in the city of David

A miracle of God gave a virgin a babe

Kinds came from afar, followed a star

To worship baby Jesus who was born in a barn

He brings peace on earth, His mercy is mild

God and sinners reconciled through the birth of a child

It's the story of my Savior, my reason to sing

Allelujah, let it move ya, Christ is king



Christ is the king


Let the praises ring


He stood before Pilate an innocent man

They cried "Crucify," he supplied demand

He was mocked, spit upon, He clothes were torn

Royalty was represented with a crown of thorns

They placed Him in a robe, gave Him a staff

As they gambled for His garments Roman soldiers laughed

Upon Golgotha they crucified Christ

Sent from above to cold pay your price

On His command opposition was through

But Christ said, "Forgive them, the know not what they do"

(Repeat Chorus)

Now Mary ran toward the tomb of her Messiah and Lord

Shocked to find the rock removed that served as a door

She took one step inside, filled with fright

She thought a thief must have stole His body late in the night

As she fell to the ground, she began to week

Heard a voice and turned to hear the Savior speak

Christ the Messiah risen up from the dead

"He's alive," she cried, like the prophesy read

It's the story of my Savior, my reason to sing

Allelujah Christ is king

(Repeat Chorus)

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The King (Allelujah) / DC talk

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