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Keep The Jungle Alive

We've gotta clean it up
We've gotta 'green' it up
We've gotta stop pollution somehow
We need a world solution
A revolution
To stop pollution right now

We're killing all the trees
We're killing all the seas
The fish and animals cry
Hey! what you doing man
You'd better find a plan
Or else all of us will just die, yeah yeah

The world will never last
It's disappearing fast
So what do governments do?
They're more concerned with profit
So they won't stop it
It's up to me and you to keep the jungle alive

Keep keep the jungle alive

The politicians smile
They tell us wait a while
We've got the matter in hand
They keep on dumping waste
We're running out of space
Their heads are buried deep in the sand

I hear a call from nature
It says I hate ya
I'm talking to you mankind
You've gotta think of your children
And your children's children
And the mess you're leaving behind, yeah yeah

For all our good inventions
And our good intentions
The world is getting worse by the minute
The air is full of smoke
It makes you cough and choke
Pretty soon there won't be anyone in it, keep the jungle alive

Keep keep the jungle alive

If we don't screw it up
If we don't chew it up
Then maybe we will survive
You're on a crucial mission
All you politicians
Gotta keep the jungle alive, keep the jungle alive

Keep keep the jungle alive

Дэвид Хассельхофф

Keep The Jungle Alive / Дэвид Хассельхофф

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