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Дэрил Холл Дэрил ХоллАмериканский исполнитель в стиле соул

Someone Like You


Only you could ever know

How hard it was for me to let you go

Hard to face all those nights

And suffer thru all the fools advice

Seems tome it's not so bad

To try for the kind of love that we had

Oh i need that romance

One that grows strong

When it's got no chance

Now you're gone away

And i'm left to carry on

Ain't nobody else gonna bear up to comparison

And if i can't have the real thing

Then i've got to find someone

Just like you

What you got it's what you need

There's pain in that but it's plain enough to see

I know i was satisfied

But nobody else came out of my side

I hope someone will come today

Somebody like you

Someone to take me all the way

Somebody like you

Someone to take your place

Somebody like you

Someone to fill this empty space

Дэрил Холл

Someone Like You / Дэрил Холл

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