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Дэрил Холл Дэрил ХоллАмериканский исполнитель в стиле соул

For You

(hall, stewart, wolk)

Soothe me baby

Squeeze tite

Hold the moment

Fall thru the nite

Itch for pleasure

I scratch

Love's a treasure

I want to give back

I wanna give you

All that i've got

Attention's essential

Analysis not

It's not what you say girl

It's what you mean

So whisper with me

Share dreams


If you stop i'll remember so much

No one can steal what's real from my touch


What more can i say

There ain't nothing gonna get in the way

For you

Oh baby baby

I've been waiting waiting waiting

Before you i was given a lie

You opened up my life

Will i ever be the same again

Will i ever talk this way again

For you for you all the time

I know it's so right

I'm sending you a sign

Girl are you getting

What you expect

Blindly trying

Cry to connect

Needing affection

Ships in the nite

Making a statement

If it's wrong or it's right


Think for a while

Person to person

Mile after mile


There's something you missed

Here it is here it is

I just can't resist

Can't resist you

Дэрил Холл

For You / Дэрил Холл

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