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The madness of a big city where in the evening near

Walls stare crippeled trees

Ghost of the bad

Wearing a silver mask with magnetic scourge

Thrust aside my death in stary night

Twillight comes again

But silenbtly in a dark cave

Ceased mankind would bleed

Awful laughter of gold

Head from heart

Whore who brings forth a dead child

The gods build rage in icy rain

Raging lashing the brows

Before the end comes

Plague purple on the possessed

Green eyes the hunger breaking

Sunken in sober sin

Ringing of the passing bell

Your laughter in the dark

Snow rins through the shirt frozen cold

Blood rins from the eyes

Purple over the black face

Flute of light

Mournful and weird I stand

Hallowing a sleeping child

Bloodstained revenge

Now strike me pain

The wound glows

This pain I cannot stand

As from the cut dwells a star to the night

Strike me death

I`m done


Gedanken / Darkseed

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