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From Dusk To Dawn

Open my eyes felling the dark

With downward eye, gaze sad

Under the rain walking alone

Looking for the last door

I hear a song and touch the stars

From dawn to dusk

There is a force of clatiry

There is a light

Gaze not in my eyes!

Can I enter the hole of light?

You reach a hand to hold me but

I can't be your awake gide

Breath's a ware that will not keep

I must keep my last breath

Like the mass of the hills

When the moonlight revive

Shinning on the blind eyes

I'm feeling that

Time remains what is was

I am waiting for you

At the end of a tune

In the dawn, in the grey dawn

Time leave me now

The moonlight revive on the blind eyes

Time, time leave me now

In the dawn of the grey dawn

Oh! Blindness from dawn to dusk

Dark Moor

From Dusk To Dawn / Dark Moor

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