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By The Stange Path Of Destiny

Walking trought the lane

when conforms our life

we play a fool's game

to survive

Pleasure enclosed me

enbracning with loving arms

Pain came to me

with great harm

[Brigde I:]

have you ever wonder

are we just victims of fate

Fed with the seeds of hate?

why must be wander

towards the dark unknow gate

altrough our will is great?


Ol by the strange paths of destiny

searching out hard my hidden place

faces weave (the) life cord of humanity

in the en their last verdict can't wait

goddess of fortun be by my side

mother experience keep me alive

unyealding time now has just decide

if i'll survive

I saw a siren

in my lonely way

lost in her silence

(we) turn away

[Bridge II]

disgrace has found me

it would try to make the fall

but hope kept me from all

anger had chained me

but the siren set me free

diving into life's sea


Dark Moor

By The Stange Path Of Destiny / Dark Moor

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