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Кэти Кертис Кэти КертисАмериканская фолк-певица

Hole In The Bucket

I went down to the city and I found myself a job

Working for the people who do need some helping out

But then in truth I found there was so little left to give

The government might save their lives, might not help them to live


There's a hole in the bucket and the people fall out

There's money underground but you can't get it out

When you stand at the State House, smile, and say "Please?"

There's a crack in the floor and the people fall through

And they wind up coming back to you

From a place it seems like they can never leave

There's a hole in the system for the people in need.

How do you tell a woman who is 82 years old

Poor and lying in her bed and needing help at home

That there is no more money, there is nothing you can do

Just hold on for a better year and we'll try to get to you


Oh beautiful for spacious skies and amber waves of grain

America, you're beautiful but you have got to change

You think of how to save your skin but you never mind the bones

Have we become a country where the hearts have turned to stones?


Кэти Кертис

Hole In The Bucket / Кэти Кертис

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