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The Grim Reapers Fate

You sworn the sacred oath to God

and to the evil beast below,

and then you took place as the Grim Reaper

You were supposed to bring the souls

from all the bodies of the dead

But you had other plans, you stole instead

[Pre Chorus]

Years of lies to collect and build your own paradise,

where you thought you could be safe

But all your plans were crushed when God found out


Liar! now you shall burn in the Fire

for years of greed and desire

It's time to pay, and you will pay with your life

Sinner! you always thought you're a winner,

but you were just a loser in a Grim Reaper suit

Now, meet your fate in the flames

You played a false and wicked game

You didn't care about the souls

You were possessed of stealing. Oh! you were God

And all the beautiful young girls

that just had died an early death,

became your favourite toys and great lovers

[Pre Chorus]


[Solo Both]


Burn now! Burn for your lies. Burn for your sins

You'll burn in the fire for years of desire and greed

No more stealing and sin, fucking the dead

or playing God on earth

Now it's time to pay for the mess you have caused

and for being faithless to God

The price of your lies is your life

Forever you'll burn for your lust

'Cause all your plans were crushed when God found out


Crystal Eyes

The Grim Reapers Fate / Crystal Eyes

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