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 Cryptic Slaughter Cryptic SlaughterАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле Trash

Nation of Hate

In this country, we live and we die

Paranoid violence, we're sick of your lies

Hatred runs deep in the eyes of the youth

Your prejudice is sickening,

We'll make the our own truth

A country's sin

Or society's bait

We're stuck in

A nation of hate

Used and abused, we can't take anymore

Stay out of our life, we can fight our own war

You fucked up this world and left us to rot

Now instincts and bullets are all that we've got

Africa's dying, why should we care?

We've got our own problems, no money to spare

We have to buy nuclear bombs so we'll prove

With no future coming, we've got none to lose

Cryptic Slaughter

Nation of Hate / Cryptic Slaughter

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