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 Cryptic Slaughter Cryptic SlaughterАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле Trash

Rage to Kill

A victim is chosen

His future awaits

Someone is watching

No one can tame

Satisfied hunger

Hatred within

Can't go on longer

Internal conflict

The psycho wants

Innocent blood

Kills without fear

Living a hell

Tortured by guilt

Outrage survives

Violence, his truth

Rage to kill

Blood will spill

Blinded sight

Lie from fright

With no compassion

Fear breeds his hate

Constantly watching

Deceiving the state

Threatened by no one

Too smart to get caught

Always remembers

The hatred he fought

He cried out for help

But nobody hears

He knows that he's insane

Reflecting his fears

Only a shotgun

Will answer his prayers

Attacking society

Because nobody cares

Cryptic Slaughter

Rage to Kill / Cryptic Slaughter

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