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Executioner...Slayer Of The Light

There's no escape, as the darkness falls...you can't resist, the Devil's call!!

Misanthropic - Frozen soul blaze black and cold

Luciferian - Slave to the beast and marked for life

Order from Hell - To send souls to the other side

In Dark Devotion - Living for terror and destruction


Executioner...executioner...executioner...slayer of the light!

Desecrator...violator...devastator...messenger of death!

Sworn to Satan - Morbid minds close horrid pacts

The Dagger Strikes - Blood is shed for the faceless one

Possessed with Murder - Angels of death amphetamine sped

At the Mountain - A body found in killer's park


Evil lives and death draws near

Serve blind that dreadful voice you hear

With violence, horror, pain and fear

To make them see the reaper clear!

Shot like a dog, emptied on blood

Life won't return, to the silent corpse!

In the staring eyes of both the victim and the killer...

All light has now forever fled away... the darkness fell to stay

Electrified - Stunned, down, and sacrificed

Two Shots for the Dark - Through the head and through the heart


Executioner... executioner, life destroyer! Executioner, shadow in the night

Desecrator... violator, Satan's soldier! Devastator, cruelty and death!


Executioner...Slayer Of The Light / Crown

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