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Bata Motel

I've got 54321

I've got a red pair of high-heels on

Tumble me over, it doesn't take much

Tumble me over, tumble me, push

In my red high-heels I've no control

The rituals of repression are so old

You can do what you like, there'll be no reprisal

I'm yours, yes I'm yours, it's my means of survival

I've got 54321

Come on my love, I know you're strong

Push me hard, make me stagger

The pain in my back just doesn't matter

You force-hold me above the ground

I can't get away, my feet are bound

So I'm bound to say

That I'm bound to stay

Well today I look so good

Just like I know I should

My breasts to tempt inside my bra

My face is painted like a movie star

I've studied my flaws in your reflection

And put them to rights with savage correction

I've turned my statuesque perfection

And shone it over in your direction

So come on darling, make me yours

Trip me over, show me the floor

Tease me, tease me, make me stay

In my red high-heels I can't get away

I'm trussed and bound like an oven ready bird

But I bleed without dying and I won't say a word

Slice my flesh and I'll ride the scar

Put me into gear like your lady car

Drive me fast and crash me crazy

I'll rise from the wreckage as fresh as a daisy

These wounds leave furrows as they heal

I've travelled them, they're red and real

I know them well, they're part of me

My birth, my sex, my history

They grew with me, my closest friend

My pain's my own, my pain's my end

Clip my wings so you know where I am

I can't get lost while you're my man

Tame me so I know your call

I've stabbed my heels so I am tall

I've bound my twisted falling fall

Beautiful mute against the wall

Beautifully mutilated as I fall

Use me, don't lose me

I've got 54321

I've got a red pair of high-heels on

Strap my ankles, break my heels

Make me kneel, make me feel

Turn, turn, turn, like a clockwork doll

Put in your key and give me a whirl

Tease me, tease me, the reason to play

In my red high-heels I can't get away

I'll be your bonsai, your beautiful bonsai

Your black-eyed bonsai, erotically rotting

Will my tiny feet fit your desire?

Warped and tied I walk on fire

Burn me out, twist my wrists

I promise not to shout, beat me with your fists

Squeeze me, squeeze me, make me feel

In my red high-heels I'm an easy kill

Tease me, Tease me, make me see

You're the only one, I need to be me

Thankyou, will you take me?

Thankyou, will you make me?

Thankyou, will you break me?

Use me, don't lose me

Taste me, don't waste me

Use, lose, taste, waste


Bata Motel / Crass

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