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Masked Jackal 446

I saw his face, on every channel

His slogans in all the papers

I heard people, repeat his words

I saw them shouting, his flag in their hands

I saw him making promises

I heard him talk about life

But I saw his fingers too

They were crossed behind his back

Darling...of the TV screen

Manipulator...of the purse strings

Master...of the spoken words

Jackal...with connections

Worshipped...by the masses

Leader...with ulterior motives

[All talk and no do]

[Is neither a good offense or defense]

[Get with it boys and girls]

[Your house needs to be put in order too]

His slate, clean as snow

Covers over his dark past

To be in league with workers

Pictures he loved to see

But I read in his eyes


He played his part to the end

Shot...leaving a shambles


Masked Jackal 446 / Coroner

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