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Next In Line

Next In Line

Conway Twitty

See her there at the table

Watch her tear at the label

From the bottle that she just drank dry

In her mind there's a burning

It took a long time, but she's learning

And just look at the deardrops she's cried


Everbody knows I love her

But her mind is on another

And just look what he's done to her pride

And if she should change her mind

Give up the music and the wine

I'll be standing by to be the next in line

I know her favourite songs so well

And she's happy, I can tell

Just as long as she can hear the juke box play

So I'll keep playing it loud

I'll spend every dime I have

To keep her happy, in my own kind of way



Конвей Твитти

Next In Line / Конвей Твитти

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