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"What'd you do last night?"

"We did umm, two whole cars

It was me, Dez, and Main Three right?

And on the first car in small letters it said

'All you see is..' and then you know

big, big, you know some block silver letters

that said '..crime in the city' right?"

"It just took up the whole car?"

"Yeah yeah, it was a whole car and shit..."

{spanish speaking woman} Escuchela.. la ciudad respirando

(translation of spanish: Listen to it.. the city breathing)

* woman repeats 3X *

{spanish speaking woman} Escuchela..

{Mos Def}

The new moon rode high in the crown of the metropolis

Shinin, like who on top of this?

People was tusslin, arguin and bustlin

Gangstaz of Gotham hardcore hustlin

I'm wrestlin with words and ideas

My ears is picky, seekin what will transmit

the scribes can apply to transcript, yo

This ain't no time where the usual is suitable

Tonight alive, let's describe the inscrutable

The indisputable, we New York the narcotic

Strength in metal and fiber optics

where mercenaries is paid to trade hot stock tips

for profits, thirsty criminals take pockets

Hard knuckles on the second hands of workin class watches

Skyscrapers is collosus, the cost of living

is preposterous, stay alive, you play or die, no options

No Batman and Robin, can't tell between

the cops and the robbers, they both partners, they all heartless

With no conscience, back streets stay darkened

Where unbeliever hearts stay hardened

My eagle talons STAY sharpened, like city lights stay throbbin

You either make a way or stay sobbin, the Shiny Apple

is bruised but sweet and if you choose to eat

You could lose your teeth, many crews retreat

Nightly news repeat, who got


Respiration / Common

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