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See How I Miss You (4:01)

rays of the moon make magic in the streets of the city

all the people get strange but their faces look so pretty

the walking graffiti; survivalist bums;

even the secret police shout that you're the one

see how i miss you

every psychopath gets his own magazine these days

i just read about how i can kill in a hundred ways

but i don't want to cause anybody pain

i only want to hold you in my arms again

see how i miss you

i watch this woman in a tight sequined lizard dress --

tosses her scarlet hair like a sly caress

she got midnight voice like some beckoning saint

she got something special but you she ain't

see how i miss you

(TORONTO, 11/85)

Брюс Кокберн

See How I Miss You (4:01) / Брюс Кокберн

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