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Брюс Кокберн Брюс КокбернКанадский музыкант в стиле рок, джаз, фолк, блюз

Never So Free 408

Originally from the album "Salt, Sun and Time")

wind across the quay-side

grit in my eyes and fish in my nose

white as whalebone, wheeling seagulls cry

outside the bar in the high-street

blind fingers spin an accordeon reel

shoes and sedan wheels grudgingly keeping time

fishing boat stretched out at low tide

dog and a black man work on the deck

bright as a bottle, sunlight skips wave to wave

part of a map of somewhere

teases my foot like a haunting dream

never so free, i'm lost in the seagulls' flight

Брюс Кокберн

Never So Free 408 / Брюс Кокберн

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